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Recruitment Interview for E-Tutors

Emmission Information and Communication Systems Technology (EMICS TECH) will be implementing www.afterk12.com an Open Learning Management Systems Platform where secondary and post secondary schools students can enroll to gain access to take tutorial online classes from the prepared standard syllabus of Senior Schools Certificate and other post Secondary school examinations.

This will create an Open electronics learning (e-learning), electronics testing (e- testing) virtual community and Learning Management Systems Platform www.lms.afterk12.com where senior secondary school and post secondary school students can register to have access to standard quality education using our prepared Open Educational Resource course ware’s and take practice test.

Objectives are:

1. To ensure enrolled students gain access to update complete syllabus for each national examination bodies. 2.Ensure most of the enrolled students practice and familiar with Computer Based Testing.

3. Create a virtual environments where students can chats and share assignments

4. Create a digital class where students can interact with their material under monitoring, supervision and adequate reporting to the parents on study progress of the student

5. Technical reduce failure of senior secondary school students that go in for all the national examinations and ensure they are admitted into higher institution.

This task has saddle us with the need to recruit and engage the service of e-tutors and learners support. Our team made 4 weeks adverts in which some selected and qualified e-tutors and learners support where interviewed and selected to trained some others graduate trainee which we will engage soon with the project.

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