The Journey was started by IBPLC Kickstart Season 2

The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with the very first step, this began with the application for KickStart (Season 2) youth empowerment intiative powered by IBPLC foundations. SABMiller/International Breweries PLC Kickstart, is a corporate social investment (CSI) initiative run by its subsidiary IB PLC Foundation. It is aimed at instilling a culture of entrepreneurship among youth in the South Western Nigeria by encouraging them to develop their big ideas into sustainable businesses or expand their existing businesses through the provision of material and financial support which include:

Business development skill training
Business mentoring and coaching
Provision of grant for business start-up and or expansion

First launched in South Africa in 1995 by SABMiller, the major Shareholder of IB PLC, Ilesha as a poverty alleviation initiative, the programme has also been implemented in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Tanzania. The International Breweries Foundation Kickstart programme is open only to Nigerians from 18 to 35 who live or have their business within the South Western region.

The Corporate Manager, IBPLC foundation, Folashade Omole addressing the 124 shorlisted applicants of Season 2

The Season 2 application process recieved an entry of over 15,000 entries to be screened, trained properly on the requirement of the project and skills required to be become a successful entreprenuer. 124 lucky applicants was selected and trained in a boot camp where they were housed and drilled at the grand TINSED HOTELS, Ilesha, in Osun State for 5 days where they are schooled orally, physically and mentally on the rudiments of entrepreneurship by a team of professionals.


The boot camp was started by arrival and registration of shortlisted applicants, filled with indoor activities which involves morning devotion and exercises, training and lectures, indoor games and outdoor games, final night camp award presentation. As required, after the boot camp, applicants where directed to prepare and submit their proposals for consideration within two working weeks of the close of camp, this was in line with requirements of the selection process.

50 out of the 124 applicants proposal were picked by a panel of judges who went through every proposal with a with a thorough screening to ensure compliance to the rules and requirements of the project. And this gave way for the final process: the Proposal Presentation and Defence, by the applicants to the panel of judges. After 4 days of gruesome evaluation, and consideration, the lucky finalist of 24 where carefully handpicked to be awarded and given grants to KickStart their dreams.

AfterK12 was kickstarted with an award of 1 million naira only to the CEO of EMICS TECH as a brand of the company to Oyeneyin Temidayo Emmanuel also popularly known as dayo omima.


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