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You can become a trained Online Instructor. This is also known as either E-tutors or Learners support, each have specific mode of operation and qualities. The E-tutors are the online trained and experienced professionals with sound educational background either a graduate or master holder in a specific field of study. The E-tutors are trained to teach enrolled students online and engage them in educational activities using the Learning Management System.

Afterk12 has seen it as part of his mandate to recruits, train, engage trained, experienced E-tutors and Learners support on our prepared Learning Management Systems platform to teach and train our enrolled students to pass their intending registered national senior secondary school and post senior secondary school examinations

How to become a teacher

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You can become a trained Online Instructor, you can earn yourself a career as an E-tutor or Learners Support. All you have to do is to register with us and take your recruitment test to get qualified

By passing our Online Instructor recruitment test will give you an opportunity to be get trained and engaged to work in your specified area of choice either as E-tutor or Learners Support.

You can reach us by registering and try us to give you a better career by taking our recruitment test, once you a pass mark we you will be shortlisted for our Online training sessions which will take you a week. You must come with your Laptop or handheld computer to the Training since this is part of the requirements for registration for the Training Sessions before you can be employed to work with us

You can either be trained to be a Learners Support or E-tutor . They are both online Instructors with different mode of operations and specific qualities in adaptation of Materials in Open Distance Learning format and Moderation of Students on the Learning Management System.

The E-tutor role is to prepare the Educational Resource Materials using the standard require syllabus for the material in the Open and Distance Learning format standard. The E-tutor must ensure the materials is interactive and provide an intensive assessment test to qualify the quality of the material. He will also engage the students for training sessions online using the Learning Management Systems

The Learners Support are to moderate and engage the students online in different activities and ensure the students gain access to all the materials prepared by the E-tutors. The Learners Support must ensure the participate actively and the goal of every lesson prepared is fulfilled with the enrolled students. They are to monitor progress, ensure the students are progressing in their studies and the systems is used effectively by the enrolled students

You can start your career and build it with us. We can train you to become an Online Instructor. We can train you to become either E-tutor or Learners support.

Visit our Learning Management System Platform to register and take our exams to be qualified to be shortlisted as our intending recruited Online Instructor to be trained. Online Instructor is needed for various discipline in different fields of discipline to prepare ready to use materials for register students

Please register here and visit our Learning Management System ( platform to take your test to be shortlisted as our intending Online Instructor. We promise to help you fulfill your dreams and earn you good outcome